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Concrete Quality Assurance

Not every project gets the attention it deserves. We ensured the strength, durability and workability of concrete for these 5 major projects in 2022.


Concrete Strength, Integrity and Durability

Major Construction Projects

Supporting Major Construction Projects in 2022

Roadlab Laboratories worked on some of Southern Africa's largest major construction projects in 2022, testing tens of thousands of cubic metres of concrete.

These are 5 projects that we didn't get a chance to feature this year.

Offices of the Department of Land Reform & Rural Development

Roadlab ensured the quality, workability and strength of all concrete for the new Dept. Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) offices.

"High column loads from the proposed structure, as well as challenging geotechnical conditions, reinforced the need for a detailed specialized piled foundation solution to be used from the outset." - Keller Africa

Construction of the new offices concluded in November 2022.


Eastport Logistics Park

Roadlab is providing concrete quality assurance and structural integrity testing on the record-breaking Eastport Logistics Park. 

To be completed in June 2023, it will cover 36 hectares and consist of 4 000 tons of structural steel and approximately 85 000m3 of concrete.

It includes three main warehouses and roof sheeting of 164 000m2 with the longest sheet at 280m, the longest continuously rolled sheet in the world.


De Beers’ Venetia Underground Project

Roadlab is performing energy absorption testing on shotcrete inside De Beers’ Venetia mine.

Venetia is De Beers’ flagship operation in South Africa. The mine is the country's largest diamond producer, and it's underground expansion represents the largest single investment in South Africa’s diamond industry.

Good progress was made on the project in 2022. The production shaft, the decline and pit ramp and the first of six water control doors were all completed.


Beitbridge Border Post Modernisation Project

Roadlab performed all concrete quality assurance for an immense 2-year upgrade of the Beitbridge border post, one of SA’s busiest borders posts.

The project included a now-famous 11,4-mega-litre water reservoir, an upgraded sewer oxidation plant, refuse disposal system and a fire station.

In August 2022 President Mnangagwa commissioned the Modernised Beitbridge Border Post.


210Mℓ Vlakfontein Reservoir

Roadlab conducted all concrete testing on the 210 million litre Vlakfontein Reservoir, one of the world's largest cylindrical post-tensioned concrete reservoirs.

Part of the Gauteng Department of Water & Sanitation’s service delivery improvements, the 8000m3 of no-fines concrete started with a 50mm thick layer of 9.5mm stone mix, following a 245mm and 125mm layer of 19mm size stone mix.

The Vlakfontein Reservoir has been nominated for an award for innovation and invention in concrete, having also been recognised by the Fulton Awards and the CSSA.


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