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Roadlab has been trusted with the material success of South Africa's largest energy projects (Kusile, Medupi, Kendel and Matla Power Stations) as well as dozens of large-scale solar and wind farms nationwide.


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Renewable Energy Projects

Our 14 Industry-Leading Renewable Energy Projects

Over R200 billion has been spent on large-scale windfarms, solar energy projects and other kinds of renewable power in SA since 2011.

Here are some of the record-breaking and award-winning projects we have made possible.



100MW KaXu Solar One CSP

KaXu Solar One was the first concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in the country, at the time the largest in the southern hemisphere.

When the 1,100ha site officially opened near Pofadder in March 2015, it was the largest CSP plant in the southern hemisphere.

In 2017 the plant was presented with a Momentum of Change award by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.



50MW Bokpoort CSP

In February 2020 Bokpoort CSP plant became the first renewable facility in Africa to complete a week of continuous round-the-clock operation.

"Bokpoort CSP is now setting records with consistent regularity and can be considered as a role model regional CSP facility that is delivering on all fronts, including production, health, safety, environment as well as socio-economic obligations." - Nandu Bhula, Chairperson of Bokpoort CSP



86MW Konkoonsies 2 PV Solar

Near the small town of Pofadder sits the 215ha Konkoonsies II solar energy facility.

The facility reached its commercial operations date in September 2020 and now generates 216.5 GWh per annum, enough to supply an estimated 35,000 homes with clean, sustainable electricity.

This facility is the second phase project to the Konkoonsies I solar energy facility built by BTE Renewables as part of bid window 1.



140MW Garob Wind Farm

In the Siyathemba Local Municipality, near the town of Copperton in the Northern Cape, you will find the massive Garob Wind Farm, Enel Green Power (EPG)'s fifth wind plant in South Africa.

Garob uses 46 turbines to generate around 573GWh/yr and avoid the annual emission of around 600,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Garob is expected to start operating later this year.



100MW Xina Solar One CSP

In operation since October 2017, Xina Solar One supplies clean energy to more than 95,000 South African households.

The plant is equipped with a molten salt storage system that allows for 5.5 hours of energy storage to provide reliable electricity during peak demand.

ENGIE announced in March 2021 that it had reached an agreement to acquire from Abengoa a 40% equity stake in Xina Solar One.



140MW Nxuba Windfarm

With the commissioning of its final wind turbine, Enel Green Power commenced with the generation and delivery of energy of Nxuba Wind Farm last year.

The project is expected to generate 460 GWh/y of energy and mitigate the emission of about 460 000 t/y of carbon dioxide.

It will be supported by a 20-year power supply agreement with power utility Eskom.



75MW Sirius PV Solar

Awarded in the fourth bidding round under the REIPP in 2015, Sirius Solar PV One (86MW) has been producing electricity from Upington since February 2020. 

The project uses solar tracking technology and will provide 215 million kWhs of clean energy per annum and create around 1 800 equivalent jobs over its operating life.

Scatec Solar, which holds 42% of the new project, now has a 448MW asset base in South Africa.



140MW Kangnas Wind Farm

In November 2020 Kangnas Wind Farm became the first Northern Cape windfarm from the 4th bidding window of the REIPPPP to start commercial operations, marking the completion of all five wind farms in a Lekela-led consortium across South Africa.

This immense wind project comprising of sixty-one turbines will generate 513GWh of renewable energy each year, enough to power 154,625 average South African households.



100MW Ilanga CSP

The 100 MW Ilanga CSP1 station has been operational since November 2018, producing clean energy to serve around 100,000 South African households.

Based in the Karoshoek Solar Valley area in Upington, this R11 billion facility was engineered, procured and constructed by Dankocom EPC, whose consortium partners are Cobra Energia, Sener and Emvelo.



75MW Dyasons Klip PV Solar

The completed Dyason’s Klip 2 is the third and last plant of Scatec Solar’s three solar power stations on the Upington complex.

With it's 75MW capacity, the plant is capable of supplying electricity to approximately 40,000 South African homes.

Scatec Solar and its partners will sell electricity to Eskom under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).



40MW Aggeneys PV Solar

Situated near the small town of Aggeneys in the Khai Ma Local Municipality, the Aggeneys solar energy facility consists of 140,640 single axis tracking polycrystalline silicon PV modules and covers 110 hectares.

Developed by Biotherm Energy, it covers 110 hectares and generates enough to cover the electricity needs of around 20,000 households.

Aggeneys was awarded under REIPPPP bid window 4 in 2015.



50MW Khi Solar One CSP

Commissioned in February 2016, Khi Solar One was one of the first concentrated solar power (CSP) plants in the country.

The hollow super-heated steam solar tower at the heart of the plant is taller than Ponte City in Johannesburg, completely surrounded by 4 200 concave solar mirror panels controlled by GPS signal and the time of day. 

It produces 50 megawatts (MW) of energy and reduces South Africa’s carbon dioxide emissions by about 138 000 metric tons a year.



100MW Redstone CSP

The Redstone CSP Tower is sub-Saharan Africa’s first CSP molten salt tower.

At R11.6 billion, the Redstone project is the largest renewable energy investment in South Africa, and the project’s electricity price is the lowest of any South African solar thermal project.

Commencement of operations is scheduled for Q4 2023 and and is expected to have an operational life of more than 30 years.


150MW Kenhardt Project

Norway-based Scatec is currently building one of the world's largest hybrid renewable energy projects in the small town of Kenhardt in the Northern Cape.

The three linked projects will form a massive hybrid power installation of around 2 million solar panels on a 10km-wide site, the largest investment in Scatec’s history.

“This project is a first of its kind and will be one of the world’s largest solar and battery facilities... a major contribution to South Africa’s economy and green energy sector.” - Scatec CEO Terje Pilskog.



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